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Achieve Your Goals

No matter the goal, OE can help you achieve it! We believe that a good nutrition program needs to teach clients about how to develop and optimize a heathy eating foundation. We work will with you every step of the way to achieve this. Once we are able to build the foundation, additional, more specific strategies may be introduced, dependent on the clients goals. In short, we are here to guide you on your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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Whether your goal is better general health, losing weight, adding muscle, better athletic performance, or prepping for a wedding, OE can help you!

Phase 1: Assessment and foundation building

Assessing current habits

Goal setting

Lifestyle and environment design

Establishing portion sizes and plate design

Optimizing grocery shopping

How to plan around work, travel and life events

Optimizing the foods that you already love to eat

Adding new foods and recipes to your diet

Assessing baseline physical activity and steps

Establishing a supportive social environment

Phase 2: Finding your targeted strategy

Macro counting

Flexible dieting

Meal timing

Athletic competition prep

Athletic training optimization

Micronutrient monitoring

Carb cycling

Phase 3: Maintenance and Longevity

After you have achieved your goals, we want to make sure you can maintain them. In this phase, we help you take all of the information learned throughout the program and help you find a general long-term framework to utilize.

The beauty of this program is that everything is customized to your schedule, skill level, and lifestyle! Each individual client has different goals; thus, one singular approach would not be effective. Some clients may want to reach a certain body composition or weight, while others may want to focus on energy levels or athletic performance. This program keeps your individualized goals as the main focus and is designed to be a flexible way to optimize your nutrition.

If you think this is something you may be interested in, click the schedule a session button below. No costs, no obligations! 

*all OE programs can be done from any location in the United States

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